I don’t charge customers for a consultation.   I will speak with you, or email with you about your situation and your septic tank’s condition.   From there, we will discuss what the proper treatment is, to get your septic system back on track.

Depending on what we uncover in our consultation, the next step could be a pumping of your system, and/or a bacterial treatment, and/or a replacement of part or all of your septic system.    If actual physical repair or replacement of your system is our diagnosis, then we will proceed with quotes for service and parts.   If it’s only a bacterial treatment that we think you need, we will discuss the pricing of these types of services.

The important thing to remember is that you have NO obligation to buy anything from me.   You can get to the bottom of your problems with a consultation, which I am more than happy to do for free.   So, just complete the contact form on the right, or click here to fill out the form on the contact-me page.