Hi.  I’m Charles Perez, and I am an independent contractor for repair and maintenance service of septic tanks and all septic systems.   My specialty is the rescue of failing systems, WITHOUT having to completely replace your tank and/or drain field.   With some of my tricks, including pumping, adding bacteria, and improving the overall “septic tank friendliness” of your behavior, we can usually get even a badly clogged septic system restored.

I’m located right here in the Sugar Land, TX area, but I DO consult people nationwide.

How I work:

Step one, is for you to submit a form to us, so that I can contact you back and analyze your situation.   The things I’m going to ask you are:

  1.  About the age of your septic system
  2. The type of system you’re using (cesspool, tank, leach field, sand pit, etc)
  3. How many people are living in the house
  4. How much laundry is being done
  5. What are you flushing down toilets and sinks
  6. What household products do you use like bleaches, soaps, etc.

When I gather that information I will then ask you about what is happening with your system.   Symptoms often include flooding in yards, gurgling in sinks and drains, sewage backup into showers, etc.    We need to have a full discussion on these topics, so that I can best figure out what the problem is at your home, and then, how we can fix it.

So, take 5 minutes and fill out the contact form on the right.  I will usually get back to you within a day or so.  I KNOW time is of the essence, with a septic tank problem, so don’t worry… I’ll be quick.


Charles Perez

4549 Grey Fox Farm Road

Sugar Land, TX 77478